Less than $50.00 No Hassles on Minor Maintenance Items

Is that possible? The answer is Yes! You can repair maintenance items under $50.00 and then turn in a bona fide receipt with your rent; this cannot be deducted from your monthly rent. We will send your refund check within 30-45 days. This has worked very well for the owner and the resident. It benefits you because the repair can be made immediately or at your convenience and there are no scheduling conflicts with our contractors. Owners really look favorably upon this when it comes time to raise rents. Owners appreciate residents who help out with minimal repairs and do themselves, especially on small items.

Some examples of contractors’ costs are $40 flip a breaker switch: $40 to reset a sprinkler timer; spraying for ants can run $69-$120 when $10 would have cured the problem. You can take care of repairs that can be done quickly with a pair of pliers, a hammer or screwdriver.

Here is a partial list of items that can be repaired, adjusted, or replaced for

UNDER $50.00 PER MONTH (does not cover tools).

  • Grass seed for the yard
  • Fertilizer for the yards twice a year
  • Wooden boards for the fence
  • Rollers on screen doors
  • Air conditioner/heater filters
  • Batteries for smoke detectors
  • Door bell
  • Sprinkler heads replaced (Providing it was owner’s responsibility)

For a complete list of items click here: https://www.managementone.com/files/50-no-Hassle.pdf

We ask for your cooperation in keeping minor repair costs to a minimum. This is not only for your convenience but allows owners the ability to provide for cosmetic items that finances may not allow for if having to pay larger amounts for minor repairs.

Fill out the form to the right and attach your receipt for reimbursement. Our office will issue you a check within 30-45 days. Receipts past 90-days will not be accepted. We will contact you if we have any questions.

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